Anthony started in the industry as an instructor, moved on to manager and then opened his own gym, as well as a very successful personal training business. He is a Free motion master coach and a celebrity personal trainer among other things.

While looking to recruit staff for his gym he found that the choice was poor and that the trainers coming through the personal training courses were missing something. Seeing this as a problem he set up his own training academy, delivering fitness instructor, personal training and continuous professional development courses.

However, he felt that the old way of becoming a fitness instructor/personal trainer was out-dated. Students needed to attend weekly classes and study text-heavy books to get accredited. He knew that this wasn’t how people learned today; they were more likely to view a YouTube clip on their phone to understand intricate movements.

And so, Anthony, along with Brendan Kavanagh founded Edufit. They worked with an award-winning eLearning agency and accrediting bodies to create a revolutionary multi-device platform with engaging, interactive video content. Edufit is now transforming the fitness industry, allowing trainers to deliver high-quality training to a wider audience.